Welcome to It’s a Grrrl’s Life…


You’ve made it to Grrrl’s Life – the blog for girls with opinions and ideas, but nowhere to share them!

This space is YOURS to discuss what matters to YOU, and to share what it’s really like growing up as a girl in the 21st century. ‘Cause, let’s face it, it’s not easy: from the shift to new schools and friendship groups, to the pressures to dress, behave and appear a certain way becoming a teenager can be tough. And the emotional and physical challenges that those damn hormones cause don’t make it any easier.

Sometimes it’s hard to express everything that might be going on, or to find anyone that feels the same as you.

And it’s easy to feel that you’re not being listened to.

But here at It’s a Grrrls’ Life you have a space to share your thoughts and interests. Whether its music, art, friendships, school, celebrity or sport, this space is yours to be as creative as you can be in expressing what matters to you.

Because what you think matters.

The Facebook and Twitter accounts are now live, so what are you waiting for?? Get sharing…..







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