Boys will be boys….

School. It can be a laugh, a place to meet new friends and learn new things. Those moments when you’re shaking with laughter and can’t even remember why, spluttering behind your hand every time you look up at your friends.

But have you noticed some people get away with clowning around more than others? I don’t know about you but when I was at school it was nearly always the boys.

Class clowns have been around for as long as we’ve all had to go to school. We all know the guy: The cheeky chappy who’ll answer back to the teacher, ask the stupid questions and pull the chair out from under an unsuspecting victim. But he gets away with it. He always gets away with it. At my school the teachers would always dismiss it as irritating but harmless fun because, y’know, boys will be boys and all that.

Whereas for us girls, speaking up, having a laugh and shouting out was never considered appropriate. “It’s not how girls behave.” “It’s just not ladylike.” That’s what me and my friends were always told when we ran in the corridor or got too loud.

I want to know what experiences you guys have had when you’ve noticed the boys getting away with more in school. Do you feel like you’ve been told off for messing around when your male peers have gotten away with it? Have you been told to be quiet or slow down whilst the boys carry on?

Have you ever mentioned thse dounble standards to your teachers or parents?

Share your stories and their excuses below. Or even better tweet @grrrlslife and tell the twittersphere all about it using the hashtag #boyswillbeboys….