Emma Watson wins a new award – and it’s not for acting!

Emma Watson, otherwise known as Hermione in the Harry Potter films, has won another award…..for being a top grrrrl.

Emma Watson: Voted a top grrrl power feminist

Emma Watson: Voted a top grrrl power feminist

We recently shared a post on Facebook about how inspired one girl has been by the female characters in recent books and films. Hermione from The Harry PotterĀ  books, and played by Emma Watson in the films, was just one of those characters who Mia looked up to. And it’s easy to see why:

Determined, brave, clever and hard-working Hermione is certainly someone to admire but so is Emma herself – she has just been voted the Top Celebrity Feminist of 2014.

“So what IS feminism?!” we hear you cry. It’s pretty simple really. It’s all about men, women, girls and boys from all backgrounds, all shapes, and sizes, being treated equally by each other.

Another celebrity feminist is Beyonce, who was voted the 4th by Cosmopolitan magazine readers. It’s no wonder she was there either after that incredible VMAs performance this year, where she explained in her own unique way, why feminism matter to grrrls like YOU:

(For the best bit start watching at 11:34)

Emma also summed feminism up pretty well in a recent speech she made about feminism. It’s a pretty serious speech and it’s nowhere near as fun as Queen Bey’s but if you want to learn more, here it is:

With everyone else voting for the top feminist celebrities, why not share who is youre favourite feminist character from Mia’s list? You can vote in the poll below and let us knwo who you look up to: