Guest post: Girl Online Review

So after all the debate about how Zoella wrote her first novel, she still managed to sell more copies in the first week than Harry Potter! Like many of you, our guest reviewer got a copy of Girl Online for Christmas and it looks like the celebrity vlogger has really impressed – yet again!

Eleri is 12 years old, from Pembrokeshire, Wales. She loves reading new books, horse riding, and practiscing the hair style tips from Zoella's youtube channel.

Eleri zoella reviewIf you have some Christmas spending money left over and would still like to get your hands on a copy, Girl Online is available from Tesco and Amazon.

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2014: A year for the girls!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! As we recover from staying up to see the clock strike midnight, and look forward to the next year, let’s travel back in time to take a look at all the records, prizes and awards the girls won in 2014: (We’re having some technical problems so if the timeline doesn’t show below, just click on the link…)

Here’s hoping the success continues in 2015! Happy New Year to all our readers and followers xoxo

Yay, Zoella’s back! But is ghostwriting such a bad thing?!

Thank goodness she’s back online to continue her “Vlogmas” countdown with boyfriend, Alfie Deyes:

But poor old Zoella can’t seem to win these days! After all the criticism for being too girly now she’s in trouble for having her new best-selling book ghost-written. In other words, she’s had help writing it.

A record-breaking 78,109 copies of Girl Online were sold in teh first week it was published!

A record-breaking 78,109 copies of Girl Online were sold in teh first week it was published!

Here at Grrrls’s Life we don’t really understand the problem. Sure, Zoella didn’t write ALL of Girl Online. But how many famous people besides novelists like JK Rowling and Kate O’Hearn, who make a living from their writing, really do write all their own books?

Think about all those celebrity “autobiographies” from footballers and people from the TV. Can you really see 1D sitting around a table for hours on end writing about their lives when they’re all so busy on tour, writing songs and recording them?

We doubt Harry and co. all sat down together to write every word of their new autobiography (image copyright

We doubt Harry and co. all sat down together to write every word of their new autobiography (image copyright

We all know that books take a long time to write and perfect, you don’t just sit down one afternoon at your laptop and produce a 200 page masterpiece. Or a 100 page one for that matter.

Let’s get real. Zoella is a blogger and vlogger. That’s what she does. She writes and talks online and makes her money from the promotional work she does telling us all about the best new products. And now she’s designing and selling her own products. That’s great.

But like Harry and co work in the music industry, Zoella didn’t make her name as an author. She’s the Girl Online. And her life as a blogger inspired her to share some of her experiences and ideas with us in a book.

For example, trolling. Don’t worry, we’re not about to spoil the story for those who haven’t read it yet, but after being trolled online Penny, the book’s main character explains that “Every time you post something online, you have a choice.” And Zoella herself has tweeted that choice before after a siminalr experience: “You can either make it something that adds to the happiness levels in the world – or you can make it something that takes away from them.”

Perhaps the people criticising Zoella for being dishonest about writing the book should think again!

There’s so much more to you than meets the eye…

SO. Fashion and beauty megastar-vlogger, Zoella is being talked about a lot in the adult world at the moment.

With her new beauty range and book out at the moment, I’m sure she needs no introduction but just in case here’s the .

Depending on who you talk to, Zoella is either the role model you guys have all been looking for, or she is teaching you all to care far too much about what you look like.

The main problem people seem to have with Zoella’s blogs and videos is that one minute she is telling you guys not to worry about the way you look [link to example], and the next she’s telling you all how fantastic the new makeup range at Boots is….you see where this is going?

Most of her critics think that this makes Zoella a bit of a hypocrite.

She’s in a tough position – you can’t please everyone. But isn’t there a middle ground?

I don’t know about you guys but I find it’s fun to mess around and experiment, with clothes, makeup and hair styles. Using your face as a canvas for some wacky new creation, like a painting, is something EVERYONE should be able to do!

The thing is, Zoella is also right when she says you shouldn’t worry about what you like.

There are sooooooooo many more ways of being a girl, being an individual, than having this season’s hair, or shoes, or clothes. You don’t need to have the right-shaped eyebrows to express who you are all the time.

So….Here’s this week’s challenge: If you normally wear make-up to school (even if it’s only a bit of mascara or lip gloss) try one day without it.

Take a picture and share it on Twitter and Facebook @Grrrlslife with the hastag #barefacebeauty and say how you feel.

This time it’s not for charity – it’s all about you!

I’ve already shared mine to get the ball rolling so what are you waiting for?